Thursday 29 April 2021

The Fairy With The Big Question

Once upon a time, there lived a fairy. She was the most beautiful fairy in the fairy world. Her name was Bria.

One day at the library in her school, she was reading a book about everything special in the fairy worl. then, she noticed a note about a mysterious old mountain in the book. Nobody knew about the most powerful, most magical spells kept in the mountain, except an old wise master (she, not a he).

Bria rushed to her parents and asked them to take her to the master, But her parents told her that the master never passes on that secret to anyone.

Bria went back to her library and started thinking about how to change the master's mind. Then she started browsing through all old books in her library and found a spell that could change people's mind.

She went to her parents, asking to use the spell on the master. Together, they went up the mountain and cast the spell on the master who told Bria the secret.

Bria went back and told the secret to her fairy friends. She went home and wrote the secret down on a book so that whenever she wanted the secret, she went back to the book.


Anouk (Feb'21)

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