Friday 5 August 2016

DIY #1 Christmas Star(s)

This was our first DIY project for Anouk, who was ~10 months old at Xmas. It was quite a fun and feel good activity for the parents. The templates for the Christmas star we used, are available here.

Equipment we used
  1. A4 sheet paper for each leg of the star
  2. Glue
  3. Scissor
  4. Double sided tape - which I found was useful than glue, when joining legs of the star together
  5. Coloured paper (we got 3 sheets, since we made 3 stars, 40 cents a piece
  6. Time - Around 45 min for each star. :)
I referred this site for a detailed description of How-to.

We went for the simplest form - no light bulbs inside and hence no perforations on the paper too, to let the light out. The product was super neat and we used a needle and thread to hung it from the spot light bulb stand. 

Time line : e/o 2015

Bonus points :
  • Kiddo loved it
  • Learnt star ( not to pronounce, but always looked up at the stars to our "Where are our stars?" :) - # Edit - learnt to say star after another couple of months :D
  • Learnt to show a somewhat curled three fingers to our constant "Three stars" with the sign.
  • Loves to get a raise-me-up-and-make-my-head-bang-against-them .. A sure shot solution to a cranky child situation.