Thursday 5 September 2019

Carson Crimeni

Aug 7, 2019- All Carson Crimeni wanted that day, wanted ever in his 14 years of life, was to "fit in". And the group of kids, whom he mistook for his friends and eager to please, overdosed him, video taped him as he went down steadily through the whirlpool of hallucination, laughed at him, and posted the video on social media. If at least one of the kids who were gathered there had the least of their conscience in them to call 911 in time, Carson could have been alive today. There was one call from a video viewer to 911 which the police had no success following up. When I read the newspaper over the weekend, my heart was wringing in pain - at a kid, who was not given a second chance in life, at a set of parents and family whose life will never be the same, to say the least. But most of all, I can not even begin to comprehend the very lack of slightest of empathy, very lack of humanity among the kids who were there, who are the generation next.  There is always the very underlying problem of bullying and drug usage among the teenagers and the lack of regulations. One can not stress enough on the importance of awareness and enforcement of anti-bullying practices, but how far can one go in ensuring it !? These kids could have had all the fun they wanted, but could have spared his life. Could have had the last thin line of conscience and awareness in them to know a life threatening situation. Its easy to place the blame anywhere, everywhere- at the parents, teachers, system, the lousy regulatory controls - but how do one answer the family as they lament and try to come to terms with their loss?