Friday 12 May 2017

DIY # 6 - The Periodic Table

Time line : April 2017. Its periodic table time.

For no reason whatsoever, the parents-set decided to build a DIY periodic table. We just took split- printout(B&W) of the periodic table PDF resulting in a landscape oriented, 5 A4-page (Width) X 4 A4-page (height) wall hogging Periodic table. It was a massive project in terms of arranging all the pages, which cut through the print in several cells. Colour coding is also done, based on the family, each element belonged to, rather than the group. The vanilla printouts were crayon coloured. It took us close to a month to get the finished product, owing to small amount of daily time we could allot from our schedules. The whole periodic table  is sprawled over 5x4=20 A4 sheets in landscape orientation. Final dimension, after trimming the edges : 72cm x 122 cm

Materials used :

  1. Mendeleev's periodic table :
    1. Split -printout (B&W) in 20 sheets, in landscape orientation (by default will have a margin, which is very useful while aligning adjacent sheets) 
  2. A4 sheets - 20 of them. In landscape orientation, the periodic table was a 5 col, 4 row affair, the sides were later massively trimmed to concentrate on the table.
  3. Mahjong paper- 2 sheets over which the above A4 sheets are placed
  4. Crayons, Ruler, pencil
  5. Paper glue
  6. Patience - lots of it.
All the coloring was done on individual papers(prior to assembling), and the final assembly, measuring, cutting and pasting, took almost 4 hours straight, from 1am-5am on a Friday night :)

The finished look : As below
Periodic table (122cm x 72 cm) Apr'17