Saturday 2 June 2018

Review #3 - 24 piece (set of two) Jigsaw puzzle from Ravensburger (Finding Dory)

After trying out smaller piece-and-size puzzles, we decided to try gradually higher number puzzle pieces and searched a few book stores in Singapore. Most of the higher size puzzles for  an age group of 4-6 were roughly in the size of 25cm X 15cm. To our dismay, we found that most of the choices did not have a good picture quality. Moreover, the texture of the solved puzzle/ individual puzzle piece was not even plain; they appeared a little bit curvy to the extent that you have to skew your eyes ( atleast ours) a bit to see the picture properly. May be they have a reason behind it, but did not appeal to us. We further researched and went to some exclusive jigsaw puzzle shops and found some great jigsaw puzzle for the toddler group with amazing quality and decent piece size, but had higher number of pieces (50+). We liked a few of the brands we saw there and decided to browse Amazon.

So, in April'18, we purchased a 24 piece jigsaw puzzle themed on "Finding Dory"( set of two puzzles) from Ravensburger through Amazon Prime. The product comes with an age group recommendation of 4+. This has two puzzle sets and apart from the puzzles, carry two colour-printed papers corresponding to each solved puzzle. We placed each of them in plastic protectors for better longevity in our home. The pieces of the two puzzles are combined in the box, with their back sides coded to identify them. Nevertheless, we used two zip pouches to separate them. The product box can be used as the storage container for both the puzzle sets. The colour and the contrast (we are very particular about this as we realized that contrast between pieces is very important for Anouk to differentiate the pieces) were great and the solved puzzle gave a very smooth textured feeling. It was both interesting and challenging for the 3 year old Anouk. We liked the fact that her perseverance is really showing up and inspite of the increased difficulty, she was not giving up with initial trials. The size of each piece is quite comfortable for the three year old Anouk to handle well. The size of the solved puzzle is ideal for her to solve it on the table top. The pieces are quite sturdy and after been played out multiple times on most days, have not met with a single mishap over the last two months. Overall we really liked the jigsaw puzzle and feel it as a good product for 3-4 year olds or even as an introductory puzzle for 5 year old, depending upon the child's interest and ability to sit 10-15 min+ at a stretch.

Below is the snap of the product box and the printouts of the solved puzzles that come along with the product. We have also captured the videos of Anouk solving the two puzzles. These videos were taken two months after the purchase, by which time she was already solving 49-piece puzzles by herself. So she appears to be solving each 24-piece puzzle under 2.5 minutes (Initially she took around 10-13 minutes to solve it).
24 piece puzzles (set of 2) from Ravensberger
Left : Box cover (top) and box (below)
Right: Colour printouts of the two puzzles that comes with the product

Review Summary
Product : 24 piece jigsaw puzzles (set of 2) from Ravensburger
Theme : Finding Dory
Purchased from : Amazon Prime
Price : S$ 12.40 (including all taxes)
Puzzle dimension : 26cm X 18 cm (approximate)
Age group : Product specifies 4+. We used for our 3 years 2 months child.
Highlights : Excellent picture quality, puzzle piece quality, colour contrast, puzzle shape, puzzle size, texture. Comes with a colour printout of the solved puzzle. The product box can be used as a storage container
Low light : Though the back side of the puzzles are coded to easily identify between two puzzles, we found it rather tedious to sort every time we took them out to play. We used two zip pouches to keep them separate. Would have been nice if there were sub-packages inside to separately carry each puzzle set's pieces.

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