Tuesday 13 February 2018

Periodic table fun

Timeline : January 2018 (Anouk is almost 3)

We had made a wall-hogging periodic table sometime in April 2017. And from time to time we used to read out the complete table to Anouk in the order, just for fun and because she was ready to sit through the whole thing. J And though she never repeated with us, ( we never insisted, just read it out, without asking her to repeat), we were quite surprised to see her reciting the elements, 10-20 of them in a stretch. It was quite fun to name the elements in the order.. After a while she started showing a bit of correspondance between symols and actual names.. She started a routine of going through the periodic table after dinner time and we tried to record her recitation, but she'd rarely complete the list - either due to waning interest towards the end or digress to a variety of reasons - to say good night to her nanny or spotting a bug somewhere.. :D
And finally on 28th January night, we could record her Periodic table of elements "reading"(mostly reciting the by-hearted list) completely in the first and only go, for the night :) I sometimes listen to the recording on the days I feel low, and the whole elements list in 3 year old baby voice surely perks my mood and day J

Voice recording on 28/01/2018 
Image : Our DIY periodic table (1.22 m X 0.72 m)

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