Sunday 30 April 2017

DIY #5 - Numbers and shapes wall

A simple numbers and shapes wall, with some basic geometrical shapes and number chart till 100. The geometrical shapes were drawn on MS word, printed out in A4 sheets and simply crayon colored, and pasted on a Mahjong white paper (later pasted the white paper to wall), The numbers were printed out in A4 size papers, a 5x5 table on every A4 paper in landscape orientation. We drew a further margin to the table in the printouts, cut accordingly and pasted. The chart is pasted around the kid's eye level in the wall, for easy reading.

Materials used for number chart :
1. A4 size papers - 4, to printout numbers, orientation - landscape, each table : 5x5 , numbers font size : 72
2. Mahjong paper - ~58cm X 58cm, white paper, popularly available in Singapore. Much thinner than chart paper.
3. Crayons - for colouring the shapes

Numbers and shapes wall - April'17

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