Tuesday 14 March 2017

DIY# 3 - The Alphabets and Numerals Wall

We had pondered over a few gift ideas for Anouk's first birthday and after a few rounds of brainstorming, decided to come up with an alphabet and numeral wall, thanks to really big white walls in the hall.

Materials used

  1. Stencil - Took the vanilla printout of numerals and upper letter alphabets, each stencil size was on an average 11cm (height) X 10cm (width)
  2. Thermocol (polystyrene) - loads of plain ones, Didn't have any problem procuring; the computers in the university lab were getting a re-haul, and was available aplenty J 
  3. Water colour - as our preferred medium of coloring the stencil
  4. Ruler - for ease of cutting/marking
  5. Paper cutter
  6. Glue - to paste the stencil printout to the thermocol
  7. Double sided tape -Way better than glue. to paste the stencil cutouts on the wall, as it leaves zero marks, at the time of eventual removal from the wall. (sigh of relief)
Activity went like : stencil printout - pasting on thermocol - coloring (I like outlining with black sketch-pen) - cut out - pasting on the wall - hoping that the lowest row doesn't get pried upon very often by the kid on top of the sofa.

This turned out to be a month long (night) activity owing to inhuman schedules at work and studies for both parents (a high-five on completion). Over a long period of time, kid managed to pull away the color paper covering of couple of numerals and we were too lazy/busy to redo it :)
The finished "Alphabet and Numeral Wall" (Early 2016)
The finished wall look is snapped and if I didn't mention it explicitly, kiddo(and even her nanny) adored(s) them (frankly, adoring came a few months too late, when she started to learn alphabets) J 

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