Monday 21 March 2016

From infanthood to an active toddler

           This is a simple note-it-down of our budding toddler's (species : Homosapien sex : female) various developmental milestones, the activities that we did and still do, the games, activities, food and books that she enjoys and the rest. I will classify the information accordingly
(1) Developmental milestones.
              Anouk is a text book baby when it comes to developmental milestones. Mostly likes following the developmental timeline to a T.
(2) Baby foods - tried, tasted, rejected, loved.
(3) Books - The ones thats been with her since she was 3 months.. again, loved and rejected. ( I am careful not to use "hated", you see)
(4) Games/ activities
            The ones that came with recommendation and the ones that were truly by parents' instincts.
(5) And our favourite, the DIY projects that keeps going on..
           plus stuff that we buy for her with the reviews for later reference or as a useful info.

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